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Officers & Commissioners

     This page was designed by The Late Royce Perry, Past President, who passed away in 2010. This page is an invaluable resource for our Clan Commissioners and Officers, and is intended as a memorial to our good friend Royce. We are grateful to be able to include this page on the Clan Gunn site. Additions will be included and noted as such.

     ) New:  Scholarship Information

     ) New: Scholarship Application

     ) New:  Games Calendar for Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners Link:

     ) New: Commissioners Query Sheet (Authored by John White)  

     ) New: 50th Anniversary Flyer  (Linda Gunn)     

     ) New:  50th CGSNA Anniversary Past Presidents with Photos  (Linda Gunn   Jpg of Linda's file created (Colin Swan)

     ) New:  History of Clan Gunn and Why we are the Viking Scots - handout  (doc created, not authored, by jän Franz).

     ) Current Membership Application    New version- includes games attended information.

     Check your inventory to be sure you have current applications. They should show  Chuck Jamison as the Membership Secretary, as this one does.


     ) CGSNA Banner   

     A picture of the Official Clan Gunn Society of North America banner.

     ) Reimbursment Request

     This is the form needed to fill out and mail or email, to the Society President to be reimbursed for tent space fees and other authorized expenses.

     ) Festival Sign-in Sheet

     This needs to be on your front table. Have all members and visitors to your tent sign it. You will need the information for your Quarterly Reports and if you are really good, you can use it for a follow up note to prospects you weren't able to recruit "on the spot".

     ) Festival Report

     Please summarize the information from your Tent Registration Sheets after each event. Send the completed form to the Second Vice-President within 15 days after the end of each quarter (March, June, July, and December) unless there has been no event in your branch during that quarter.


     ) "Green Brochure"        Make sure you have the new version  updated 8/15/21 with Chuck Jamison, Membership  Secretary

     The Green Brochure is an information form sent in response to a request for information generally received on a visitor's log at a Games tent.

     )  "Blue Brochure"           Make sure you have the new version  updated 8/15/21 with Chuck Jamison, Membership  Secretary

   The Blue Brochure is a more in depth information folder providing information on the Society, a history of Clan Gunn, a list of septs and more.

     ) CGSNA New Member Booklet

     These are mailed to all new members by the Membership Secretary. We are thinking about making them available to the Commissioners to use at festivals as well. (This is a large file,and may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed).

     ) Gunn Plaque Graphic

     Although not totally "right", it makes a good looking graphic for some uses. We own the copyright on this, so use it as you see fit.

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