Clan Gunn Society of North America

Updated New Message March 18, 2020



I think we can all agree that we are experiencing unique times like we’ve never seen before. It is safe to say this will take a while to be mitigated.


Games are being canceled weekly, as much as four weeks out  which means we are not collecting dues or signing up new members.  I am asking all members to keep their dues up to date and encourage family members and Friends to do the same. We count on the membership revenue to fund the printing of the Gunn Salute each quarter.


Take time to look in on the elderly during these trying times and do whatever you can to lend a helping hand.


Be respectful and only purchase items needed so there is enough to go around.


Together we will emerge stronger!


Chuck Franz President



Updated New Message June 6, 2020

Welcome all Clan Gunn Brothers and Sisters. I hope everyone is having a prosperous new year!


Below you will find information on several important events happening in 2020!!!


1st: Please see the link on the this web page regarding information of the UK 60th Diamond Anniversary to be held in Scotland starting April 2nd in Inverness. Rescheduled for early November 2020 due to travel restrictions and the Coronavirus. We will keep you updated.

Several of us from the United States will be in attendance for this wonderful occasion.

2nd: Our AGM (Annual Gunn Meeting) has been cancelled due to Covid.  We hope to reschedule this for 2021 at the Stone Mountain Highland Games. This year, we are now looking for another venue or a possible virtual Zoom meeting and will keep you updated.

Updates are complete on the Salute. Going forward we hoped to produce a Salute every quarter. Due to game cancellations, memberships and donations are down which may affect our ability ot get the Salute out for the last two quarters.

I still encourage all members to submit articles or recipes (Scottish of course) to Please see the Gunn Salute Page for further information.

Please feel free to contact me by email with any comments or concerns: 


Chuck Franz President


A Message from Chuck Franz,

President of Clan Gunn Society of North America