Welcome to  the Clan Gunn Society of North America! We are alwas happy to find cousins, who, for various reasons, haven't been aware that the Society exists in the United States and Canada.

     Our goals, and the purposes for which the corporation was organized, are:

     To stimulate and promote a spirit of kinship among the members of the Society throughout the continent of  North America and between  this Society and the Clan Gunn Society of  the UK.

          To foster, promote and honor our Scottish heritage and traditions;

          To stimulate and inspire among the members, the pride and spirit of their ancestors, with particular emphasis on the ancestry

          of the members as it pertains to the surname of Gunn and the surnames of the septs historically associated with Clan Gunn;

          To preserve the history, records, and artifacts of the Clan Gunn;

          To individually provide and render, through the conduit of the Society, aid and comfort to members of the Society in time of                adversity; and,


          To provide to the extent practical, aid, comfort and hospitality to persons of Scottish ancestry.

     If these goals appeal to you and you believe in them as strongly as we do, we gladly extend Ceud Mile Failte (a hundred thousand welcomes) to you!  Nothing is as strong as the bond of family.  We hope you will join us, take an active part in the Society and attend as many Scottish Gatherings and Highland Games, as your time permits.

Pax Aye,

President - CGSNA

Chuck Franz

Clan Gunn Society of North America





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