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Clan Gunn Society of North America

Dunedin PreGame parade through the town Apr. 5.
Dunedin PreGame parade through the town Apr. 5.


APRIL 6, 2019


     The weekend of April 6th saw the CGSNA Florida Branch Members and Clan Gunn Members from many areas of North America setting up our Clan Gunn Tents with all the trimmings in preparations to celebrate our "Clan of the Day" status at the 53rd Dunedin Highland Games & Festival.  Those attending included our CGSNA President Dave Ziemer & his wife Gwen, our 2nd VP Chuck Franz & his wife Jan who, as our Social Media Guru, is our Official Facebook Page Administrator and Webmaster, our Pastor Becky Robbins-Penniman, our GUNN SALUTE Editor and Florida Branch Deputy Commissioner James Edward Smith, Past Deputy Commissioners Steve & Sandy Wilson, Past Deputy Commissioners Milt & Harriett Wilson, Past Deputy Commissioner Suzie Nazzaro and her Piper husband Sgt. Tim Nazzaro of the Orange County Sheriffs Department, Son Nick Damery and Daughter Brittany Mae Goodwin of Past Deputy Commissioner Lynne Damery - we miss you Lynne RIP,  Members Doug Jamison and Pat Jamison, Member Janet Wilson, Member Maddy Warren, Member Cindy Gunn, Member & Florida Branch Santa Claus Mike O'Rourke, The Dunedin Highland Games Past President & current Clans Organizer & CGSNA Members Terry and Indra Eldridge, my offical Kilt Maker & our Hostess "par excellence" my bride Alexis Malcolm Kehm and on Friday our Florida Branch Piper Robert Larcom set up our Clan Gunn Group for the Dunedin Street Parade and Deputy Commissioner Howard Curran delivered much of our clan decor on Friday -  My Big Thanks to Robert & Howard who could not attend the games on Saturday !!!  My apologies if I left anyone out - our tent was very busy with a lot going on all day.

     Games Day Saturday was an outstanding day for us.  Terry Eldridge planted the Dunedin Highland Games new "Clan of the Day" flag right in front of our tents much to our delight.  We were bordered by our friends in Clan MacCallum-Malcolm and Clan Dunbar and just across from us more of our friends in Clan Guthrie and Clan Hope - what a blast !!!!

     The Parade of the Clans went well with Steve Wilson organizing our large group as the "Clan of the Day" & the first clan on the field.  We were very pleased to have 8 new CGSNA Members and 2 CGSNA Renewing Members along with us.  Our Renewing Members are Steve Patrick Pless of Largo, Florida & Becky Holt of Dunedin, Florida and our New Members are Peter Hall of Dunedin, Florida, Jordan Hector Rivera of Tampa, Florida, Bernard Guss of Land O' Lakes, Florida, Jill Marie Gunn of Dunedin, Florida, Michael J. Gunn of Tampa, Florida, Christina Carlson-McCloskey of St. Petersburg, Florida, Donald H. Gunn of Brandon, Florida and Christina Parker Pitman of Winter Garden, Florida -  The Clan Gunn Society of North American and our Florida Branch Welcome you all aboard we look forward to your company at more Florida Highand Games in 2020.

     As a side note & not to be missed - Clan Gunn was one of the 3 candidates for Best Clan Tent at these games.  Since we were last year's Best Clan Tent we suppose it's not in the cards to win 2 times in a row.  But, we enjoyed hearing it anyway.

     I want to personally thank our attending Members for all the foods & beverages they provided and for their exceptional support at the Gunn Armory table and the Gunn Information and Greeting tables and at the Beverage Table.  

     I also want to personally thank Sgt. Tim Nazzaro of The Pipes & Drums of the Orange County Sheriff's Office for bringing "That Joyful Noise we all love" to our Clan Gunn Tents and for their special US Armed Forces Medley which included The USCG "Semper Paratus", The USAF "The U.S Air Force", USN "Anchors Aweigh", USMC "Marines' Hymn" and US Army "The Army goes Rolling Along" & inviting all veterans or active duty military personnel to enter their band circle of pipers & drummers while they played each of the above & presented each service person their Band's Challenge Coin in thanks for their service. This outstanding event brought a tear to many a tough old veteran's eyes including Wallace N. Guthrie Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (ret) and President of Clan Guthrie and a good friend to Clan Gunn & yours truly.


     We look forward to the 2020 Florida Highland Games and encourage all of our members and friends to please join us.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles Henry Kehm

CGSNA 1st VP and Florida Commissioner

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