Clan Gunn Tartans

Gunn Ancient

Refers to the use of the ancient, more historical colors. They tend to be more muted than the Modern tartans.

Gunn Weathered

Tones faded by exposure to weather and harsh terrain and often was used as the Great Kilt.  The colors reflect the weathering of the kilt.

Gunn Modern

Stronger, less muted colors, does not refer to the date of the tartan.

Dress tartans – originally worn by the women of the clan, generally with a white background and lighter-colored patterns.

Mourning tartans – generally of black and white.

Hunting tartans – dark in color and worn for sport, especially suitable when a clan possessed a brightly colored tartan, making it unsuitable for hunting.

Chiefs' tartans – for the personal use of the chief and his immediate family.

Clan Gunn Society of North America