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A message from Rich Gunn, Clan Commissioner for North America:


On October 5, 2015, I was notified that the Lord Lyon has considered the Petition requesting that Iain Alexander Gunn of Banniskirk be made Chief of Clan Gunn.

Lyon Morrow has now recognized Iain Gunn of Banniskirk as the Representer of the House and Family of Gunn and named him Chief of the Clan Gunn.
Iain is entitled to his own Ensigns Armorial, a personal emblem carried on a flag or shield and will meet soon with the Lord Lyon to determine these arms as well as his title.

This action means that for the first time in 230 years Clan Gunn will have a Chief. Iain Gunn has served as Commander of Clan Gunn for the last 43 years.

Further information on the history of the Chiefship and the Petition can be found on the Clan Gunn Society (UK) website at http://www.clangunnsociety.org/chiefship/

Pax Aye,

Rich Gunn
Clan Commissioner for North America
Clan Gunn Society of North America
eMail: Rich Gunn